Flexible product development
from a single source

As digital and mobile trends develop, customer needs and thus the product landscape based on them changes faster and faster.

More than ever, companies need capable development tools to help them keep up with the pace of change.

With msg.ProductManager (msg.PM), you can quickly build and bring to market products that address market and customer needs.

It offers a mature, innovative product module set combined with a powerful product logic development tool.

In addition, you can also rely on msg’s active assistance and long-standing expertise in the business.

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Andre Ziemann

Andre Ziemann
Product management at msg.PM

msg.PM Product Suite

A well tuned family of products offers the ideal functional
support for every aspect of product development.



The Runtime ensures optimum performance and seamless integration of your products in the application environment. Once product knowledge has been defined, it can be used in any business process.



The Runner is used for automated testing of all product functions. Each test is logged and can be repeated.

Product Analysis Workbench

Product Analysis Workbench

The Product Analysis Workbench is a comprehensive test suite that enables people from business and product department to monitor product definitions and perform regression or migration testing.


msg.PM has been introduced and time-tested in all lines of business and offers large-scale
standardization of the product development process across all divisions.

Central product
knowledge repository
in the company
Fast product definition
based on market-proven
product models
High variability and
flexibility through extensive
product module set
Consistent product
behavior on all
used platforms

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